2023 Lux Mea Film Festival Screening Selections

The following student films have been selected for the red-carpet premiere of the third annual Lux Mea Film Festival in Crawford Auditorium on Saturday, April 29 at 7 p.m.

U.S. Adaptive Open Competitor: Annie Hayes by Annie Grace Smith

Pizzamurai by Elliot Eyre

Following the Calling by Maddy Goble, William Hearn, and Ryan Young

Boxed-In by Caleb Vinoverski and Aaron Phillips

The Persistence of Alarm by Christina Nakhla

The Call by Maya Lindberg and Emma Fisher

No Hugs for You by Liliana Zylstra

You Have Something of Mine by Sarah Sawyers and Jacob Shirk

The Rose by Ellen Otterman, Catherine Maher, and Annie Levin

Bittersweet by Catherine Maher

When We Were Us by Malachi Abbott and Megan Eisentraut

On a Roll by Annie Levin

Leech by Elliot Eyre, Luke Owen, and Caleb Warrick

Mirage by Violet Whitmore, Helena Ritenour, and Natili Reading

Transformed by William Hearn

The Problem of Other Minds by Elliot Eyre, Luke Owen, and Caleb Warrick

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