2023 Team

Meet the Team

Communications/Marketing/Social Media

David Zimmermann – Senior: Copywriter and Press Liaison

Nick Guidas – Junior: Social Media Assistant and Ticket Sales Manager

Jenna Stiller – Senior: Website and Outreach Manager

Hailey Weinert – Senior: Social Media Coordinator

The Communications/Marketing/Social Media Team is responsible for generating all written content, marketing strategies, social media posts and ticket sales for the Lux Mea Film Festival. They are dedicated to accurately communicating the brand, values and mission of the organization, inspiring curiosity in others to experience the beauty of film and the community of a film festival.


Laura Welch – Senior

Olivia Nicholas – Junior

Grace David – Junior

Gracie Turnbaugh – Senior

The Design Team creates captivating content that represents the brand of the film festival which aligns with the mission statement and goals of the event. This includes visual presentations, a brand logo, posters, tickets and more.


Grace David – Junior

Gracie Turnbaugh – Senior

The Photography Team is responsible for creating original visual content, capturing the special moments of Lux Mea Film Festival on the day of the event and behind the scenes. Additionally, as historians of the team, these photographers are dedicated to documenting the process of creating this event.


Jacob Shirk – Senior

Ayden Gutierrez – Junior

Sarah Sawyers – Senior

Emma Fisher – Senior

The Videography Team, in addition to all other teams, is highly instrumental in this film festival. The members of this team create original visual content such as promotional videos, eye candy clips for the audience’s entertainment pre-festival and trailers for the event. Additionally, this team documents the history of Lux Mea’s second year of creating the festival.

Program Venue

Lydia Dyk – Sophomore: AV Assistant/Budget Coordinator

Maddy Goble – Senior: Decor/Emcee Coordinator

Sarah Sawyers – Senior: Team Lead/Venue Coordinator

Mikayla Saxon – Senior: Order of Events Organizer

The Program Venue Team manages the film festival program of events including master-of-ceremonies, programs, organizing ushers and front-of-house activities.


Grace Eldridge – Senior

Lauren Border – Junior

Megan Eisentraut – Junior

Karis Fischer – Sophomore

The Event Reception Team organizes and prepares the reception following the film festival by securing caterers, decorations and the venue. They will create a visually appealing experience.