Winning Films

The winners of the 2023 Lux Mea Film Festival!

See below for the award-winning films!


Best Acting Performance by Male Actor – Caleb Vinoverski

Best Narrative – Caleb Vinoverski and Aaron Phillips

When We Were Us

Best Acting Performance by Female Actor – Emily Klusendorf

Best CinematographyLuke Owen

Audience Favorite – Malachi Abbott and Megan Eisentraut

The Problem of Other Minds

Best Original Score and Best Screenplay– Elliot Eyre

You Have Something of Mine

Best Special/Visual Effects – Sarah Sawyers


Best Audio Editing/Mixing – Elliot Eyre


Best Editing and Best Documentary – William Hearn


Best Super Short – Elliot Eyre

The winners of the 2022 Lux Mea Film Festival!

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Ghosts Aren’t Real-Malachi Abbott and Arami Hillebrand

Best Acting Performance by Male Actor, Best Acting Performance by Female Actor

The Things Above – Luke Owen / Aaron Phillips

Best Cinematography, Best Original Score (Elliot Eyre), Best Audio Editing Mixing (Aaron Phillips), Best Screenplay (Caleb Vinoverski)

Target Acquired – Matt Schoonover/Jacob Shirk

Best Special Effects

Melodie de L’amour – Gracie Turnbaugh / Sarah Smith

Best Editing

Happy Studying – Mark Dixon

Best Super Short

Hooked on A Day – Jeff Boyd, Ryan Putnam, Jake Aspacher

Best Documentary

Forgotten – Wes Gray

Best Narrative, Audience Favorite

The winners of the 2021 Lux Mea Film Festival!

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4 Steps to Make A Good Impression – Noah Lawrence

Best Narrative (1), Audience Favorite, Best Visual Effects, Best Performance (Tobias Kwasnjuk)

The Confession – Malachi Abbott

Best Narrative (2), Best Screenplay

God, Family, Grades, Football (GFGF) – Ayden Gutierrez and Aaron Phillips

Best Documentary

Condiment Standoff – Wes Gray

Best Super Short, Best Editing

Treebeard Brown– Catie Fluharty and Addie Reynolds

Best Cinematography, Best Audio Editing/Mixing