2022 Lux Mea Festival Screening Selections

The following student films have been selected for screening at the second annual Lux Mea Film Festival in Crawford Auditorium on April 23rd at 7pm.

37 Questions with President McNulty by Blaise Kilmartin, Karis Fischer, and Mara Polczynski

Brick by Brick by Maya Lindberg and Annie Grace Smith

A Chapstick Horror Story by Arami Hillebrand

Dancing Daily by Meg Leach and Madeline Warburton

En Garde! by Lydia Dyk and Diesel Losch

Forgotten by Wes Gray

Ghosts Aren’t Real… by Malachi Abbott

Happy Studying by Mark Dixon

Harper’s Playground by Sarah Sawyers

Hooked On A Day by Jake Aspacher, Jeff Boyd, and Ryan Putnam

The Last Detention by Diesel Losch

Mélodie de L’amour by Blaise Kilmartin, Sarah B. Smith, Ethan Pierson, and Gracie Turnbaugh

A Ring, But No Girl by Meg Leach

Target Acquired by Matt Schoonover and Jacob Shirk

The Things Above by Caleb Vinoverski

Wanna Be My Roommate? by Meg Leach, Madeline Warburton, and Lydia Dyk

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