Grove City College’s Lux Mea Film Festival Announces Screening Date 

Grove City, PA. — Lux Mea Film Festival announced the anticipated return of the event to Grove City College’s campus April 23 at 7 PM in Crawford Auditorium. The student-produced festival boasted a successful debut in the spring of 2021 from the efforts of an advanced communication arts class taught by Professor Greg Bandy.   

“I’m super excited to help bring this event back to campus. It was so cool to see the supportive response Lux Mea got last year and we’re hoping to see that again this year,” said junior Communication Arts major, Grace Eldridge, Digital Marketing Manager for the event.  

All aspects of the Lux Mea Film Festival are created and produced by students enrolled in Grove City College’s “Special Events and Promotions” course. 

Lux Mea Film Festival is named for the motto of the college, meaning “My Light.” The festival exists to illuminate truth through films and features the work of student narratives.  

“I have thought for a long time that producing a film is a quintessential liberal arts educational experience,” says Bandy.  “Think about it. It involves writing, theatre, art, music, technology, management and problem solving.” 

The festival invites Grove City students to submit their short films, whether created for a classroom assignment or produced independently, and showcase it to the student body and community.  

If you are interested in being a part of the festival, Bandy explained that student submissions will be accepted starting April 1 and close April 11 at 12 pm. The film submission form is available on the Lux Mea website. Further criteria for entries can be found at for students planning to participate.  

Tickets will go on sale no later than April 11 in the Breen Student Union. 

For more information about Lux Mea Film Festival or how to submit films to the event, visit the festival website or contact us at

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