The Lux Mea Film Festival of Grove City College invites you to submit original films for entry into the film festival competition! 


1. Films must fall into one of the following categories: 

  • Narrative  
  • Documentary  
  • Animations or Stop Motion  
  • Super Short (less than 3 minutes) 
  • Experimental  

2. Music used in films MUST be cleared and licensed properly, unless it is original and/or in the public domain. 

3. Lux Mea Film Festival will be accepting submissions from April 1 – April 11.  To submit your films, a box labeled “Lux Mea Film Festival” will be placed outside of HAL 200K starting April 1.  Your submission must be formatted exactly in the following:  

  • film must be on a thumb drive. 
  • submission form (located on the website) must be completed, printed, and placed in a white envelope with the thumb drive.   
  • film must abide by video specifications.  To find the list of video specifications go to our website, navigate to the submissions tab, and locate the “file specification and upload instructions” PDF.  
  • include $5 entry fee in envelope.   

4. The most important video specifications are the following, but please see the “file specification and upload instructions” PDF on the Submissions tab for more specification details: 

  • MPEG-4 file (.mp4) with H.264 Codec  
  • Video Resolution: 1920 X 1080p 24 fps (23.976)  
  • Data rate: Target bitrate 20 Mbps, Max bitrate 24 Mbps (Using High encoding profile)  
  • Audio: AAC codec, 320 kbps, 48kHz, Stereo 

5. Deadline for submission is 12 PM April 11, 2022.   

For more information visit our website at or contact the Communication and Marketing Team at

Good luck!   

The following student films have been selected for the first annual Lux Mea Film Festival at the Guthrie Theatre on April 30th at 7pm and May 1st at 2pm.

The Confession by Malachi Abbott

Silent Applause by Stephanie Bonifield and Andrew McDevitt

One More by Matthew Schoonover

Beauty in the Beans by Sydney Laughlin and Gracie Turnbaugh

Banana Boy by Sydney Laughlin

GFGF (God, Family, Grades, Football) by Ayden Gutierrez and Aaron Phillips

Mud to Mugs by Matt Schoonover and Jacob Shirk

How to Tie Shoes by Noah Lawrence

Busy Bees by David Criswell, Margaret Langgin, and Maddie Tipple

4 Tips to Make a Good Impression by Noah Lawrence

Ooh Baby by Barnabas Chen, Wes Gray, and David Zimmerman

The Condiment Standoff by Wes Gray

Treebeard by Catie Fluharty and Addie Reynolds