The following student films have been selected for the first annual Lux Mea Film Festival at the Guthrie Theatre on April 30th at 7pm and May 1st at 2pm.

The Confession by Malachi Abbott

Silent Applause by Stephanie Bonifield and Andrew McDevitt

One More by Matthew Schoonover

Beauty in the Beans by Sydney Laughlin and Gracie Turnbaugh

Banana Boy by Sydney Laughlin

GFGF (God, Family, Grades, Football) by Ayden Gutierrez and Aaron Phillips

Mud to Mugs by Matt Schoonover and Jacob Shirk

How to Tie Shoes by Noah Lawrence

Busy Bees by David Criswell, Margaret Langgin, and Maddie Tipple

4 Tips to Make a Good Impression by Noah Lawrence

Ooh Baby by Barnabas Chen, Wes Gray, and David Zimmerman

The Condiment Standoff by Wes Gray

Treebeard by Catie Fluharty and Addie Reynolds

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